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and a whole bunch of them..... and some that are not really there.... but you have them.....i.e. Emulators Look for yourself ......check it out, and stuff will float your way, if you dig for it......

Used As Motto In This Part Of The Neighbourhood

Emulation of....

The Systems : MacIntosh ST

Sound(Wave)Tables: WinGroove + registration-numbers & Yamaha SX-Series

Virtual Reality RaytaceImagery done by me...


busy upgrading your CPU ? here it is..... the official OVERCLOCKERS FAQ

8086-codes [Atari-PortFolio Data-base format]


LINUX i80x86 - dedicated for those who wish to leave the MicroSoft-platform

Chip-level-Stuff :

My Opinion/Reaction On The 'Chipcard'/SmartCards

A warning for breaches in Chipknip-Security from Bellcore Inc.

A program from Germany to put cash on the Chipknip .

Programs neccesary for use of some of the links/code in this HTML-page

BASE - 64 for DOS


Nice Graphs: Motorola Inside Intel Outside