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Dear Henry Rollins. Thank you very much for registering WinGroove!

*************************************************************************** ***** If your PC is connecting to a printer, immediately print this e-mail ***** to prevent to lose your password and User-ID. ***************************************************************************

Your Password is NMYLQFWP Your User-ID is WGB52374

Enter both the password and user ID into your copy of WinGroove as follows.

1) Run "WG Player"

2) Click "Help" in the menu-bar and choose "About WinGroove".

3) The "About WinGroove" dialog box will appear. Click the "Register" button.

4) The "WinGroove Registration" dialog box will appear. It contains 4 choices. Select "You paied money via KAGI, and you have already received PASSWORD from the author". Then click the "OK" button.

5) Another "WinGroove Registration" dialog box will appear that contains 3 text boxes as follows.

Enter your Password (NMYLQFWP) into the "Password from author" field.

Enter your User-ID (WGB52374) into the "User ID from author" field.

Enter your name (as you wish) into the "Your Name" field.

Password from author: +----------------------------------------------------- | NMYLQFWP +-----------------------------------------------------

User ID from author: +----------------------------------------------------- | WGB52374 +-----------------------------------------------------

Your Name: +----------------------------------------------------- | YOUR NAME +-----------------------------------------------------

6) Click the "OK" button.

If the registration was successful, a message box with TWO buttons ("Yes" and "No") will appear.

Please write down to a PAPER your password and user-ID if you have not yet printed this mail. And keep this information in a safe place.

Then, click the "Yes" button. The "Register" button will be hidden in the "About WinGroove" dialog box.

If the registration fails, the message box will appear with only ONE button. This means that there is a mistake in either the password, user ID or payment choice entry. Please verify your data and re-attempt the registration.

#### Some internet pages are linking to illegally modified WinGroove files. #### The "Registering process" of this file was broken by hackers or crackers. #### If your WinGroove was not downloaded from my page, and you can not #### succeed to register, re-download a fresh copy from my page #### ( ) and overwrite #### the old WinGroove files.

The latest version of WinGroove will be always located on when new version is released.

The current release of WinGroove is version 0.9E .

Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions for WinGroove.

Sincerely yours. Hiroki Nakayama e-mail www