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Quake II ScreenShots 8/09'98
What is OpenGL ?

Maybe you already noticed, or suspected it : I am a big Quaker.
Sometimes I have it for breakfast!

I use this configuration to play Quake I//II
Intel 285MMX, StealthIIS220 (VooDoo-compatible ~8), 64Mbyte RAM
and a AMD120, StealthIIS220, 48MbyteRAM in a network : COAX

The following mods are used
For Quake I : GLQuake 1.114, Zoid's ThreeWave CTF 3.0&4.0
The Locutus Borg-mod and the CTFBOT 1.131

For Quake II :
Quake 3.19, Quake II Mission Packs : The Reconing, Unseen
Zoid's ThreeWave CTF 1.02
Loki's Minions CTF Addon, CTF Addon, Ridah's EraserBot 1.010
VWEP 3.19, Quake2Executor Beta 4 and all the rest I forgot to mention !

Again; some images might look blurry, but I am saving bandwith that way!
Your bandwith to be exact ! 8p