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Emulation & A.I.

PSEmuPRO makes the Playstation look very nice in DirectX !
It runs stable on a P II, and looks better than the original :)

Decoder emulation like PCTV is known for it's steady image
on TV-cards like the MIRO and Hauppage
You can also go here for a experimenteal, working C+ decoder.

Get rid of crappy FM-(OPL2/3)-systhesis:
Yamaha's Software Wavetable!

If the Dutch Telecom :) didn't frag the server,
go here for the Chipcard Writer

Emulation of systems:
Atari ST(e)/TT
MacIntosh Quadra LC040
Rebirth 338 Technocomposer

The Hacked Starfighter D3D2OGL wrapper 4 All cards:
OpenGL to D3D wrapper, Full MiniGL Wrapper!