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Y'all might have noticed i've ran out of eviroment space here....... diz site is build up by more than 100 philes, and 'cuz they give only 10 Megs here..... da end of the limit is reached.

[Thought diz site actually keeps much more information then 10 Megabyte, 50 -100 Mbyte would be closer, through compression of philez and high JPG logy-factors (75% and more).]

Therefore i've opended a new site at Interstroom and Tripod Inc. with more cewl downloads, and ill' also attach it to this site tru diz link, therefore do not change your bookmark diz page will get you there, but remember i rule upon these pages, and i will continue doing that on a new way, i will use black and white pages every time time something fishy is coming up...