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The Photon-Belt Theory

1Cor 15:51..52 states:

"... but we shall all be changed...In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, ..... , and we shall be changed."

Like the music on this page there is something attractive to the fact that humanity one day will travel among the stars.... (high north if i may say so...).

And there have been rumours about certain events wich could lead to humanity getting into a new age announced in different ways, with different names. I wish to share the very heart of those avaliable, you know i would do anything for the readers of my home-page, wouldn't I ?

As the above bible-verse states there is going to be a day on wich 'we shall be changed'In theological circles there is nothing new about that verse, it is known as'The day of the Lord'. On wich all believers will be raised from the dead, and those who live will get a glorified body while they stand on their feet, and they will meet Him (see 2nd Coming according to the bible).

But there is a new (behold is was old) thing in town, it's the photon-belt theory. It states that *ALL* of humanity *ALL* the earth will be moved into a higher state of counsciousness while the earth is moving into a beam of light. Sources say that this beam is already picked up, and felt by, millions of people, including NASA. (see picture).

.....some of the sources in this document came from the site WWW.REVEALER.COM