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INT 60h SPECIFICATION (1.030 - 1.090 ) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


1.1 The following services are available in all release versions of the ROMS (release versions are 1.030, 1.040, 1.052, 1.07x, 1.09x, where x determines the language).

SERVICE FUNCTION ------- --------

00h Get version number (of ROMs) 01h Line Editor 02h Get current application 03h Reserved for custom add-ins . . 08h Screen Save/Restore 09h Draw Box . . 0Fh Menu Handling 10h Box Area Calculation . . 12h Message windows . 14h Error windows

2.0 DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES -------- ----------- -- --------

2.1 GENERAL -------

2.1.1 Where co-ordinates are specified in 16 bit registers (eg. top right, bottom left), the upper byte is the y co-ordinate, and the lower byte is the x co-ordinate.

2.1.2 For all box drawing routines (including menus, help, etc.), if the box is larger than the physical screen size, characters will be displayed incorrectly.

2.2 Fn 00h Get version number --------------------------

Parameters: None. Returns: DS:DX Version number (zero terminated string)

2.3 Fn 01h Line Editor -------------------

Parameters: DS:SI Pointer to editor control structure Returns: AX The character which caused termination

Description ----------- Edits the line of text. The text can be in a box (or not), and text can be longer than screen width. Scroll margins exist at either end of the edit window. The control structure is as follows:-

ep_targ dw ? ; far ptr to string to be edited. Result dw ? ; edit is also placed here. All strings ; zero terminated. ep_pos dw ? ; initial position, in bytes, into the ; text on entry (starting at zero). ep_max dw ? ; max length of edited string. ep_xpos db ? ; screen xpos (starting at 0) ep_ypos db ? ; screen ypos (starting at 0) ep_mode db ? ; When set to 2 the string will be cleared ; as editing starts (eg. files load); If ; set to 0, the string is not cleared ; (eg. editing a worksheet cell) ep_hit dw ? ; Initial keypress to be processed before ; getting keypress form user. Typically ; used for preprocessing characters. ep_tit dw ? ; box title and prompt in the form: dw ? ; db 'TITLE',0,'PROMPT',0,0. ep_exit dw ? ; array of keycodes (see below) that allow ; exit from the editor. ep_fn dw ? ; address of the getkey routine. Routine dw ? ; should return a 16 bit keycode in AX ep_wid db ? ; Maximum box or screen width ep_wind db ? ; Set to 0FFh for no box, 0 for a single ; line box, 1 for a double line box. ep_res dw ? ; Reserved dw ? ep_udel dw ? ; address of the undelete routine. This dw ? ; routine is called every time a character ; is deleted. If not needed, use a dummy ; routine (ret far). DS:BX points to the ; deleted text. AH is 0 for the left delete ; and 1 for the right delete. Avoid changing ; segment registers.

Notes: 1. The target buffer should be at least 'max'+1 bytes long to accomodate the zero terminator. 2. If a default string is required, put it in the target buffer, zero terminated. 3. The array of exit keys consists of 16 bit 'keys'. The top nibble is zero for the standard 256 characters, but for control characters like home, end,etc., it is set to 1. 4. KEYCODES: Normal ASCII characters represented as AL=ASCII code, AH=0,eg. 'A' is 0041h. Extended keycodes represented as AL=scan code,AH=1, eg. left arrow=0148h. Special (DIP specific) keycodes represented as AL=code, AL=2/3. eg. Before sending undeleted characters (always inserted, no ^ processing) send 0201h, and send 0202h at end of undelete characters. 5. If you specify a box, then 2 bytes is taken away from 'wid' when editing. 6. Similarly, if you give a prompt, this will reduce your play area as well.

2.4 Fn 02h Get current application -------------------------------

Parameters: DL Set to FFh (-1) Returns: AL Current application

where AL=0 Not in application 1 Worksheet 2 Diary 3 Editor 4 Address Book 5 Calculator 6 Setup 7 Applications menu

Description ----------- Determines the current application. This would typically be done from an editor hook or TSR.

2.5 Fn 03h Reserved for custom add-ins -----------------------------------

Please contact Atari directly

Fn 03H Reserved for Custom Add-ins

A series of 'hooks' are provided into the Editor to enable users to control the Editor from the outside.

There are 5 Editor 'hooks'. These enable an application spawned from within the Editor to access a limited number of internal functions which modify the text and environment.

EDHO_GOTO Move the cursor position EDHO_GET Get the cursor position EDHO_REF Refresh the screen EDHO_LOC Get location of character at cursor EDHO_INS Insert strring into text EDHO_DEL Delete characters from text

EDHO_GOTO Move the cursor position

Parameters: AL 0 CX Repetition count DX Type of movement

Returns: AX Number of characters moved

Note: There are 6 types of movement:

1 Character 2 Word 3 Line 4 Start/End of line 5 Start/End of para 6 Start/End of file

A negative repetition count moves backwards.

EDHO_GET Get the cursor position

Parameters: AL 1

Returns: BX Column offset DX Line number

Note: Returns the current cursor location.

EDHO_REF Refresh the screen

Parameters: AL 2 BX Cursor location override DX Invalid flag override

Returns: None

Note: Cursor override is only applicable if the cursor is outside the scroll margins, and forces a refresh from the point specified:

0 Do nothing 1 Refresh using top scroll margin 2 Refresh using center 3 Refresh using bottom scroll

Invalid flag override consisits of 5 bits which are used internally by the Editor. They are ORed with any existing bits, and determine what type of refresh is performed:

0 Use default override 1 Refresh current line 2 Refresh current paragraph 4 Refresh current offset 8 Check within scroll margins 10H Refresh border/frame 20H Complete redraw

EDHO_LOC Get location of character at cursor

Parameters: AL 3

Returns: ES:BX Address of text

Note: This service gets the address in RAM of the character at the cursor.

EDHO_INS Insert string into text

Parameters: AL 4 ES:BX Address of AZCIIZ string to insert

Returns: AX 0 if failed

Note: Inserts text at current cursor position, and moves cursor to end of string.

EDHO_DEL Delete characters from text

Parameters: AL 5 CX Number of characters to delete DX 0 prevents characters from going in Undelete buffer

Returns: AX 0 if failed

Note: A negative number in CX simulates backspace, a positive number simulates Delete.

2.6 Fn 08h Screen Save/Restore ---------------------------

Parameters: AL Sub-service (0-3) BH Video page number DS:SI Buffer to store saved screen RAM CX Bottom right of screen area to save (inclusive) DX Top left of screen area to save (inclusive) Returns: None.

Description ----------- This function either saves or restores the screen area defined by CX and DX to the buffer pointed to by DS:SI. The sub-service are as follows:-

00 Save characters only 01 Save characters + attributes 02 Restore characters only 03 Restore characters + attributes

2.7 Fn 09h Draw Box ----------------

Parameters: AL Type (0=single line, 1=double line) BH Video page number CX Bottom right of box DX Top left of box Returns: None.

Description ----------- This function draws a box at the specified location on the screen.

2.8 Fn 0Fh Menus -------------

Parameters: AL Type (0=single line, 1=double line) AL Bits 3..7 max depth of menu (including borders) BH Video page number CH Last top line CL Last selected item DX Top left of box DS:SI Menu text (double terminated zero) ES:DI Defaults text (double terminated zero) (if DI is FFFFh there is no default text)

Returns: AX -1 for ESC pressed OR AH top line AL selected line

Description ----------- Draws a menu at the location specified in DX. CH specifies the line that will appear at the top of the screen, and CL specifies the line that the cursor will be on (with respect to the menu text, not including the title). The first line of the menu text is the menu title and does not have a corresponding entry in the defaults text. If no title is required this can be set to zero (null string). If bits 3..7 of AL are 0 then the menu will not have depth checking. If a single line box is selected, the function will draw an empty box (with the title) and return. Otherwise the menu will be displayed, and once a selection has been made, the menu box becomes single line and control returns to the caller.

2.9 Fn 10h Box Area Calculation ----------------------------

Parameters: DX Top left of box DS:SI Menu text (double terminated zero) ES:DI Defaults text (double terminated zero)

Returns: AH Number of items (including title) AL Number of items (including title) BX Number of bytes used (excluding attributes) CX Bottom right of box

Description ----------- Calculates the number of bytes needed to save the screen for a given menu. Note that the maximum width is assumed to be the maximum menu item + the maximum default. Also DX is destroyed by this call.

2.10 Fn 12h Message Windows -----------------------

Parameters: BH Video page number DX Top left of box DS:SI Message text (double terminated zero)

Returns: None.

Description ----------- Displays text at DS:SI on the screen in a double line box. First line of text is taken as the title. This service is used for the information messages, such as Loading, saving, etc.

2.10 Fn 14h Error Windows ---------------------

Parameters: BH Video page number DX Top left of box CX Must be set to non-zero value DS:SI Error text (double terminated zero)

Returns: None.

Description ----------- Displays text at DS:SI on the screen in a double line box. There is no title. A beep is emitted and the function waits For a key to be pressed. The screen is then restored and then control is returned to the caller.